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Easy Customs Clearance Fee Schedule
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Our fees are as follows: For arriving during normal customs clearance hours - up to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday: 
For family pets - $160.00 - a family pet is a pet that an owner can prove prior ownership such as vet records.
 Newly purchased puppy or kitten - $190.00

 **OVERTIME FEE FOR AFTER HOURS ARRIVALS** Scheduled arrivals after 3:30 pm will be an additional customs overtime of $100. 

**SAME DAY clearance and rush of documents** $125.00 additional (if you were not a client already** 

If a flight is scheduled to arrive during normal business hours and is delayed, there will not be any additional fees from us. 

**Weekend arrivals are $200 additional for customs and admin overtime** - we highly advise against weekend arrivals, not all airports allow clearances on weekends. 

All clients will be required to provide a government issued ID, a US Passport is preferred, state driver's license is allowed but customs may ask for additional information - if you are not a US citizen, a valid VISA is required. 

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